All About iPhone!


It’s a basic class with some kick to it! Learn the must knows of your Apple device, from hidden features to the must-have Apps. Reserve your spot and bring your device. 


Let's Make it Appen!


Its all about App discovering in this class. With Millions of   apps to chose from, lets discover some of the ones worth downloading. Share, collaborate and have some fun while doing it. 

Mac Learner


Are you making the transition from PC to Mac computer? Your Apple Guru will make the transition easier and show you all kinds of user-friendly features as you navigate through your Mac, such as: setting up your email, scheduling calender events, and syncing up your data. We'll make sure you're on the right path toward loving your device.

Have you mastered the basics and want to know more cool features?  No problem... classes are designed for your learning level and style, and conducted at your desired location.




Apples revolutionary iPods have changed the way we listen to music. Find different ways to get the music you love so much on the best device in the world. If you're new to Apple products, you may want to know how to corral all your music files -scattered  about in CDs, MP3 players, zip drives, and computers- into your new iPod. We'll also help you simplify your library and make it enjoyable. Your Voopple Guru will teach you all the cool features of your iPod so you can love your device.


Apple TV



One of the best non-advertised Apple products, especially for anyone looking to get away from cable,  YEP,  we said it: Cable, is the Apple TV. Its capabilities are almost endless, and include: streaming live content, slide shows, recorded movies, and even your music. Working with hundreds of incredible features and applications that you will blow your mind, your Voopple Guru will show you how this tiny box-set can spice up your home... and love your device.




If you have multiple Apple devices, you definitely want to dive into this class.  Apple products have a very healthy Eco-system- all thanks to the iCloud. Find out what it is and how it works. Learn how to get all your devices speaking to each other; no manual clicking and clacking needed. Wirelessly, share photos, contacts, and information to all your apple devices. There are so many cool things to learn about iCloud; let a Voopple Guru show you how easy it is to love all your devices.