iOS 11: Do not disturb while driving


iOS 11 Key Feature: Do Not disturb While Driving.

No more texting and driving. Apple just got involved in our day to day driving with its newest feature coming soon. This feature has existed in other smartphones like Samsung but now it's your turn to put the phone down and focus on the road.

Just like the Do Not Disturb feature, your iPhone will not be able to receive notifications while you're driving, unless connected to bluetooth. This update will auto-reply to the person who is trying to reach you saying, you will get back to them shortly. If it's an urgent matter you can bypass the feature by typing in "urgent." Expect the update to be released this fall.


Selfie Game Strong!


1.Use your volume buttons!

That's right! When taking a selfie you can use the volume down button as the capture button. Your volume buttons on your headphones will work too.

selfie game strong #22.png

2.Capture photos while recording.

Ever start recording a video and suddenly find a perfect moment to capture a photo? Simply tap the round white button to capture the pic.


Your camera will focus on anything in front of it. If you tap on the area you specifically want to focus, the lighting will adjust on its own. Just give it a second to lock into focus.

4. Time it perfectly.

This under-used feature is very handy if you don't have a selfie stick. Tap on the timer icon and select the amount of seconds you want before the flash goes off.

5. Speaking of selfie sticks, that’s old news.

What’s in right now are Bluetooth camera remotes. With a click of a button you can capture the photo you want wirelessly. 

6. Make some edits after the fact.

Nothing like having the perfect selfie when you use your iPhone’s editing features. Change the brightness, exposure, contrast, and much more to take your selfie game to the next level.

7.Venture out!

Not a fan of your iPhones editing features? Download Adobe Photoshop Express for free. Take your photos to a whole new level with a wide range of editing features created by the best in the game.

8. Set and lock your AE/AF.

Auto Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AF) lock can help you lock into place what you want to focus on. Have you ever tried to take a picture when all of the sudden your camera goes out of focus? Well, simply tap and hold on the part you want to focus to lock the AE/AF feature.